Coping with Homesickness while Teaching Abroad

Teaching abroad can be an exciting and nerve racking opportunity. Being thousands of miles from home for a long period of time can cause you to miss home and can hurt your experience. Homesickness is inevitable but there are definitely ways you can counteract this and not feel as homesick.

Plan Exciting Trips

You are in a new country with a plethora of new things to do. You will be surrounded by new sights, foods, and a totally new culture to take in. It can seem lonely at first, but getting out there and exploring the city will help you make new friends and planning exciting trips will give you things to look forward to rather than just counting down the days until you move home.

Don’t Obsess Over Social Media

Often times homesickness can stem from seeing all your friends, acquaintances, etc. having a good time back home. It is important to remember that people only post the good things onto social media. They are probably just as stressed and working just as hard, they just don’t show it. In addition, you will miss out on things but you also have to remember you are having this incredible experience.

Plan A Trip Home or A Trip For Someone To Visit

By knowing when you’ll see your family or familiar face again, you won’t be thinking about how much you miss home as much. Distracting your brain and giving yourself something to look forward to you won’t constantly feel stressed or sad about not being able to see relatives or friends everyday. Sending gifts home as well as receiving letters from home are other great ways to keep homesickness at bay.

Don’t Feel Bad About Feeling Sad

Not everyday is going to be amazing and wonderful while you are abroad. Don’t feel bad about feeling sad sometimes, even if you are in a beautiful environment that you we’re so excited to come to. Putting on a happy face all the time and not dealing with your feelings is unhealthy. Lean on others who are also abroad and discuss tips and tricks on how you cope with homesickness. You can also celebrate holidays together or just share stories from home which always helps when someone can relate.