English can be a hard language to learn and students can easily get antsy or disinterested. It is important to combine fun learning activities in your lessons to keep students excited and engaged while learning. In addition, games and activities have a lot of benefits for people trying to learn a new language.


Games are great learning activities to use to get students excited as well as help words stick. Here are some popular language learning games:

  • Board Race – Board race is an excellent vocabulary game that is great for learning and also gives a fun way to learn new vocabulary words. How to play: You split the class into teams, depending on the size of the class. Then you write a topic at the top of the board and draw a line down the middle. One student from each team goes up to the board and writes as many words as they can related to the topic. A point is awarded for each word that is relevant and correctly spelled. This is a great game for all ages.


  • Simon Says – Simon Says is another great game for young learners to understand daily words and put them into use. It is also a fun activity to do when the class is getting rowdy and disengaged from regular lessons and can be used as a reward for good behavior. How To Play: You are Simon for the game and everytime you say “Simon Says..” and then an action the students have to do what you say. But if you say a command without saying “Simon Says” before it and the kids do it then they are out for the remainder of the game. It’s a great listening and comprehension practice and the game goes rather quickly so a couple rounds will take up the last 30 minutes of the school day.


  • Secret Word – Secret word is a great listening and comprehensive game. You give one student a “secret” word and a totally unrelated topic to the secret word. Then the student has to tell a story containing the secret word a couple times and other students have to guess what the secret word is by listening carefully to the story.


Games are a great way for students to learn the English language as well as add some fun to a regular classroom routine. People learn better when they are having fun and students will come excited to learn if these games are worked into your normal lesson plan.