Traveling the world’s furthest corners is a fantasy shared by billions. Visions of foreign lands carry a magnetism of intrigue; allure is a prime quality of that which lies beyond the status quo. However, for many, the appeal of travel is anchored in a desire to ease suffering in impoverished areas, and support a framework of social good.

Teachers seeking to spread knowledge abroad are an integral component of an increasingly sophisticated and wide-reaching mechanism of aid for the underprivileged. Developing nations look to the services of the learned and altruistic to offer youth a gateway from poverty into secure employment. But teaching abroad doesn’t just benefit students’ employment prospects; teachers can also expect to gain tangible and lasting career benefits from plying their skill abroad.

Earn international work experience

Our modern economy is a globalized one; gone are days when business was largely conducted behind borders. Employers understand that cultural norms of foreign affiliates must be respected, and actively pursue individuals with extensive experience working alongside different cultures. A resume stocked with international experience proves not only skill in adapting to cultural idiosyncrasies, but the courage to move beyond familiar comfort, and the tact to succeed amid transition.

Boost chances of graduate school acceptance

The prestige of being recognized as the among the best masters, doctoral or law programs affords top schools a degree of choosiness when fishing through an applicant pool. Worthy institutions hunt for candidates who can prove substance beyond a high GPA. Experience teaching abroad showcases the exact type of open-minded initiative and seasoned character which sets apart a prime candidate for grad school acceptance.

Master a new language

Mandarin, Arabic, French, Russian; across the globe, more people speak these tongues than any other. As a teacher, you understand that absorbing new info occurs best when constantly immersed in a dynamic learning environment, which is exactly what teaching abroad provides teachers, as well as students. Even learning an obscure language exemplifies cultural diplomacy and communication expertise, traits which net you the professional interest of international organizations such as the Department of State, United Nations, CIA, International Red Cross, and countless more.