While you may have accepted a position to teach others while you are abroad you will be doing a lot of learning yourself as well. Traveling and living abroad by yourself in a new place will teach you many things.

You Won’t Have All The Answers

As a teacher in the classroom you will most likely be able to answer english learning questions but outside the classroom you definitely won’t have all the answers, and that is OKAY. Living on your own for possibly the first time especially in an unfamiliar place will be hard and you won’t be able to solve everything yourself. This is no way means that you are a failure. It is important to take a step back, breath, and realize many others are going through the same struggles that you are adjusting.

Increased Confidence

Picking up your comfortable life and moving to a new country is a huge step and will bring many challenges your way. However by experiencing these challenges and making your way through them, you will find yourself being able to face more challenges than you did before and build confidence. For many people it is easy to stay in their comfort zone, but you will be breaking out of this and going farther than many of your peers. You will see a change in your confidence when you meet challenges head on as well as find yourself feeling more confident to take on new adventures and challenges which will open up many opportunites for you.

Become Quick On Your Feet

When you are teaching in your classroom not everything will go as planned. You will have to adjust lessons to the students learning needs as well as be able to plan for lessons when you don’t have all the resources or your students aren’t responding to your lessons. Also, when you are in a foreign country you will have to think quick on your feet and quickly adapt to the food, culture, language barrier, transportation, and everything else that comes with being in an unfamiliar place. This life lesson can be translated well into everyday life as well as future jobs. Employers love workers who are quick on their feet and can think outside the box to come up with a solution for a crisis.

There’s Really No Place Like Home

While you may be having a blast abroad and are getting an amazing experience, you will find out there really is no place like home. When you return you will not take for granted the things you have in your community or the opportunities you have here, especially if you are teaching in a more undeveloped country. In addition, you will genuinely appreciate your relationships with your friends and family more and not take them for granted.