For many people going to teach abroad the main goal is to not only share the language with others, but also to be able to be given the opportunity to travel. In addition, being able to save and make money is a huge plus especially if someone is paying off student loans or plans to come back to the states and settle down in an apartment or house. There are many factors to consider when accepting a position, especially if you want to make money.

Factors To Consider

A few factors to consider when accepting a position is not only salary, but cost of living and perks as well. For example, a salary may be higher at one position but they do not provide housing, which can add up fast. It is important to understand that some countries cost of living including food, housing, and transportation can add up fast leaving you very little left over to save. In addition, check to see if the position pays for flights to the country and back home after the contract is over, which can be a huge cost if not paid for. Some positions also offer paid and furnished housing, leaving you with an expendable income that only has to be used towards food and whatever else you’d like. Teachers with degrees in teaching tend to get a higher salary than those who only have a TEFL certificate depending on what country you teach in.

Top Countries To Make Money In

  • South KoreaTeaching english in South Korea definitely has its perks. They often provide free furnished housing as well as pay for flights to Korea and back home. The cost of living there isn’t very high either which makes it easy to save money up to 1,000 a month. It’s also relatively cheap to travel to different parts of Asia as well to do sightseeing.
  • Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia can pay up to 3,000 a month. In addition, they don’t usually require teaching certificates, just being a native english speaker. It might be a bit of a culture shock but saving money can definitely be done there. Along with a tax free salary most teachers receive free housing, transportation, health insurance coverage, and free airfare. The only drawbacks are there are many restrictive laws.
  • China – While the cost of living is high in china the demand for english teachers is even higher. Most positions provide free housing and travel which allows for a decent amount of money to be saved. In addition, many people want private tutors as well so a lot of extra money can be made outside of the teaching position as well.

There are many benefits to teaching English in another country and you can save money by doing so and live comfortably. Countries in Asia and the Middle East are definitely high contenders to make money in since the salary is usually high, housing is paid for, and it’s a relatively low cost of living. You can make money on a year teaching abroad as well as travel and experience different countries.